Plein Air the future - Lise Brenner Creative
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Plein Air the future

Why Plein Air the future?

Live art making fascinates people. Climate change is scary. The goal of Plein Air the future was to bypass people’s denial of a frightening, uncertain future through engaging their imaginations both through watching artists at work on their visions, and by providing a simple means of making a statement of their own.

Informed by the pre-European environment of Zuccoti Park, when the Hudson River shoreline was 92 feet away.

Work produced by the participating artists was shown at Works-on-Water exhibition at 3-Legged Dog.

Produced by Lise Brenner with Works on Water and Arts Brookfield

Check out the Works-on-Water Event page

Passerby were invited to take a photo through wood cutouts referencing the Park’s past (c. 1609) and future (c. 2050). Posted on instagram/ #pleinairthefuture #pleinairviewfinder #worksonwater #artsbrookfield

Below are artist-at-work photos taken by Seth Wandersman