Lise Brenner Creative | Distributed Archive
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Distributed Archive



Location, Bushwick, NYC

Distributed Archive

Distributed Archive, installation in group show: Archive of Affect, curated by Culture Push, NURTUREart (April, 2017). Visual design assistance from Christopher Kennedy.

  • Installation in gallery
  • Distributed Archive: Joe’s Story, creative non-fiction short story based on interviews with Joe Dente (lifetime Dutch Kills resident), typed on a series of 10 index cards. Cards were posted in outdoor locations around the gallery. Postcard map to the card locations was part of the in-gallery installation.
  • 2 public collaborative mapping events:
    – History Hiding in Plain Sight: Bushwick Scavenger Hunt. Produced with Atlas Obscura and Carto (
    – Bushwick: History in Plain Sight. Supported by Culture Push and NURTUREart

Chris Kennedy